Heather Carpenter, 500 RYT LMT
 Being a yoga teacher was not what I would have told you I would be when I grew up. I always hated exercising. But, after my daughter was born I needed to find a form of exercise that I could happily do the rest of my life. Yoga just happened to be it. Now, for over a decade, and 2 kids later (4 in total!), I'm still at it. And, loving it more and more.
As a teacher I want to create an environment for learning. Humility and open mindedness are at the core of my teaching style. I am also kind of obsessed with learning about how our bodies move and heal. And, how we experience pain. Which influences my sequencing strategies, and the content in my classroom.
Yoga has given me so many different avenues to repair myself, both physically and mentally. I want to share this gift of yoga with the world, and especially the community of Port Orford.


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