Massage Therapy

By Heather Carpenter, LMT #21114

Our bodies have an incredible capactiy to compensate for our daily lives. We are constantly adapting to the different stresses that are occurring in us, and around us. It is my job to assess those compensations and adaptations. From there, I work to gently reverse their negative side effects.

Balancing the musculature to increase range of motion, and relieve deep held tension, is vital to keeping our energy flowing freely. Whether that energy is in the form of breath, blood, thoughts, or lymph, once it is free to move, you will feel restored.

I see people as whole beings, with many factors contributing to  their various conditions. I realize some of our imbalances are what we need, at the time, to get through. I hold space for people to release what they are ready to. There is no healing I can provide, without you being ready to heal yourself.



 $70/60 min.




 $50/6o min.



Vital Current Yoga Studio. 2 Mi. North of Port Orford, West side of HWY 101.




As a yoga teacher, and a body worker, I see the need for all of us to stay present with whatever our body is asking of us. So my technique follows along with what is requested from you verbally, and your body physically. I use stretching, joint mobilization, energetic holds, slow flowing strokes, and light to strong pressure, to facilitate release. And, because of my yoga background, I often suggest yoga postures for strengthening and stretching between sessions.




Using yoga to achieve theraputic results is what I have been doing since I began practicing yoga consistantly. From anger management, to regaining my core strength after having four children, yoga has given me the tools to better myself. While in school to become a massage therapist I realized that many of the stretching and strengthening techniques we suggest to our clients are, or can be, forms of yoga. In a yoga therapy session I will be using hands on assists, similar to Thai Massage to deepen, or sometimes lessen the affect of the posture. I will use my knowledge and understanding of Kinesiology (the study of muscles and movement) and Yogasana (yoga postures) to create yoga sequences suited to your specific needs. I will work with you to identify habitual movement, or thought patterns that can be at the root of your discomfort. Yoga Therapy is complimentary to massage. It can also be a way to get comfortable with yoga before joining a class.

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